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Milford Teas

It all started with a powerful idea:

Milford Tee Austria was founded in 1972 as a result of the acquisition of Grosch Tee and was the first subsidiary company of the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft in Hittfeld near Hamburg.

Milford Tee Austria’s relocation from Innsbruck to Hall in 1975 was the foundation for its thriving. As true Austrians, experienced in climbing high mountains, the Milford Tee Austria team quickly developed the right strategies to conquer the Austrian market.

Soon the production capacities were no longer adequate to meet the demand for MILFORD products and so a new production facility was built in Hall, which began operating in September 1985.

With innovative and consumer-friendly products, hip advertising campaigns and a marketing and sales strategy, Milford Tee Austria team successfully competed in the segment of flavoured fruit teas and even gained market leadership.

The starting point for the contextual development of our products is always the focus on people’s needs for pleasure and health, to ensure continuous success all over Europe.

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